Friday, 16 October 2015

CUSROM MaximumOS (AOSP Edition)


    Version 1.0 Alpha

    *Build with Aroma Installer
    *Do not use in other devices
    *Use at your own risk
    *Wiko AOSP Based Rom
    *Date and Clock Option
    *Battery Styles Option
    *Battery Bar Option
    *BeamKAT Network Traffic Option
    *Old Style Data Traffic Option
    *Dynamic System Bars
    *Carrier Label in Statusbar
    *CyanogenMod 11 Media Scanning Behavior
    *LCD Density Option
    *Low Battery Warning Option
    *Added LEWA OS Auto Start Option
    *BeamKAT Network Traffic Option
    *CyanogenMod 11 System App Remover
    *CPU Control Option
    *Engineering Mode in Settings
    *Partition Info in Settings
    *Device Extra Info
    *Super User Tab
    *About Maximum Tab
    *About MaxAOSP Tab

WARNING: Always make a BACKUP.
Try this at your own risk,Im not responsible if your phone is damaged, or your girlfriend broke up with you.


1. Download (Alpha)MaxOS-AOSP for Me Pop
2. Put downloaded rom on sd card.
3. Boot to your Custom Recovery CWM/TWRP
4. Wipe Data/Factory reset
5. Wipe Cache
6. Go to Advance
7. Wipe data cache
8. Locate the ROM
9. Flash/Install MaxOS
10. Flash update supersu And Reboot


Update Supersu:




 Droid All Tutorials #D.A.T

Team Maximum™

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