Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mystic Rom v4.0 Redmi Note 3G

Changelogs MysticOS v4.0
  • Super smooth notification panel without any lag with sim name and weather (Thanks to sir Klark and his PussyFap ROM)
    Cpu info in statusbar.
    Clock & Date option (Thanks Gurpreet bro)
    Cm12.1 app icons.
    Changed action bar of gallery, fm radio, browser, documents ui, Videos.
    Light themed CLock and ota updater.
    Added Flashlight app.
    Reomved Dsp manager & Viper4android.
    Removed Gramophone.
    Added AudioFx.
    Included Cm12.1 Music player.
    Android M bootanimation.
    Android M sounds.
    Removed Performance Control.
    Removed backup & restore and headsup app.
    Cm12.1 signal icons.
    Cm12.1 battery icon.
    Settings themed like Android L.
    4 ways reboot option.
    Delete button after taking ss.
  • Wrong ram usage info in settingsClock will disappear from panel if u choose centre or left alignment.Cm12.1 music player fc sometimes (u can uninstall it)

WARNING: Always make a BACKUP.
  • Try this at your own risk,Im not responsible if your phone is damaged, or your girlfriend broke up with you. wkwkwkwk
1. Download Mystic Rom v4.0 Redmi Note 3G
2. Put downloaded rom on sd card.
3. Boot to your Custom Recovery CWM/TWRP
4. Wipe Data/Factory reset
5. Wipe Cache
6. Go to Advance
7. Wipe dalvik and System
8. Locate the ROM
9. Flash/Mystic Rom
10. Reboot wink emotikon

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